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Production Support

Go beyond basic SAP HR Technology production support and add strategic value to the business




Screen_Shot_2016-06-16_at_12.48.13_PM.pngKeeping SAP ERP, HCM and SuccessFactors optimized with the right business requirements is not easy. It’s a demanding responsibility requiring specialized resources and operates in an environment of short lead times and fluctuating requirements.  As the one responsible for keeping production up-to-date, you may think:

• It is hard to keep up with limited resources
• The business wants more, while giving less
• There are things we should be doing, but I just have time for the basics

You are challenged with prioritizing workload, but you are forced to mostly cover the basics. How can you choose between the basics and providing the business with strategic value? Providing strategic value means making improvements to HR business processes and functionality. Improvements to HR business processes and functionality require maximizing SAP HR Technology applications.

Do you have the right bandwidth needed to provide strategic value?

Get the Bandwidth you Need....and do more with less! 


Whitaker-Taylor Extended Team Services™

Extended Team Services™ (ETS) is an effective variable resource plan that combines the advantages of both consulting services and internal team efforts to form a best-in-class hybrid service delivery model that:

1. Provides a dedicated team by combining full-time and part-time SAP specialists
2. Allows the part-time variable resources function like full-time team members
3. Offers economic benefit, enabling companies to expand their resources without incurring fixed overhead or loosing control


Customer Experiences 


When do you use variable resources for production support?

Whitaker-Taylor Extended Team Services™ delivers the optimum variable resource solution in situations when you are:

• Unable to handle projects and support levels simultaneously
• Constrained because internal teams are available but may lack needed skills
• Impacted by seasonal or fluctuating support requirements
• Experiencing unexpected or planned staff turnover
• Constrained by budget and are hindered from providing optimum support levels

Our production support services within the variable resources model will help you deliver for your business.  Find out more about how we can enable you to provide more strategic value to the business.  

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