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HR Technology Consulting   

Helping organizations with best practice consulting services and technology alignment 

Since the beginning, Whitaker-Taylor has been completely focused on the Human Resource function.  All of our consultants and employees are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest HR trends and solutions.  Because of our expertise, Whitaker-Taylor offers the full range of HR consulting services and we deliver it in concert with our Technology Integration Services.  We understand how Human Resource professionals can add strategic value within an organization and how technology can support business goals and objectives.  Whitaker-Taylor is able to provide strategic services, business analysis, process improvement, and transformation management to HR departments.


HR Strategy Services

As Human Resource Departments have become more central to the success of an organization, HR functions need to shed their administrative legacy and guide organizations in the effective use of human capital. This requires a radical re-assessment of HR strategies and the design of new HR processes to generate real business value. The effective use of an advanced service delivery model is pivotal in this transformation.

HR Business Analysis

Whitaker-Taylor’s approach to Cost Analysis of HR processes and underlying activity levels helps organizations define their HR metrics. This is done by providing a benchmark against peers and a baseline for Return on Investment calculation of new HR service delivery models. Through the application of Key Performance Indicators, HR organizations can measure ongoing business improvement in ways that get the attention of executive leadership. 


HR Process Improvement

Whitaker-Taylor conducts a process improvement study in collaboration with the in-house Human Resource organization, identifying those HR processes that should be retained, redesigned or eliminated. By identifying best practices in areas such as cultural change, competencies management, appraisal, compensation & rewards, learning and leadership, clients can achieve higher effectiveness and efficiency in HR.

HR Transformation Management

Moving Human Resource initiatives forward calls for an in-depth analysis of the organizational transformation process. This means identifying problem areas, tackling bottlenecks, building relationships of trust, as well as launching and implementing action plans. Clients can rely on Whitaker-Taylor’s specialists to manage the transformation of legacy systems to an enhanced, web-enabled operational infrastructure in a cost-effective and controlled way.

New Module

With our ability to leverage human capital best practices and support it with the right HR Technology alignment, Whitaker-Taylor is able to provide value beyond traditional HR technology partners.   We can help your organization do the right analysis, make the right process changes, and lead effective transformation.  Get more information about our HR Consulting Services.