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Extended Team Services 

A variable resource plan to enhance and optimize SAP HCM OnPremise and SuccessFactors

Whitaker-Taylor Extended Team Services™ (ETS) is a true variable resource model that provides additional bandwidth and skills that flex with changing requirements. Blending a variable team with your internal team provides an unlimited resource pool.  You can always have the right resource at the right time, without ramp-up or the extra overhead. The ETS model combines SAP project and production support services into a comprehensive portfolio to speed project delivery and streamline on-going support. Extended Team Services™ merges the advantages of both consulting services and internal teams to form a best-in-class hybrid service delivery model that:

• Eliminates the dependency on traditional consulting services
• Prevents knowledge leaks
• Expands bandwidth and skill sets at a lower cost
• Strengthens the integrity of your internal teams
• Maintains full control
• Retains the highest quality standards
• Provides a dedicated team by combining full-time and part-time SAP specialists
• Enables companies to expand resources without incurring fixed overhead costs



Extended Team Services WT Stats


… but now they can.

(faster, and with a lower cost with Extended Team Services)

How is Extended Team Services Unique?

Blended rate structure to lower costs

Hybrid delivery approach to provide flexibility

100% transparency to increase internal staff knowledge levels

Specialized operational process for unprecedented quality control

Shared responsibility for maintaining long-term customer relationships

Benefits of Extended Team Services


 A dedicated team of full-time and part-time SAP HCM and SuccessFactors specialists.

■ A way for part-time variable resources to function as full-time team members.

■ The economic benefit of expanding resources without the fixed overhead.

Strengthen internal teams - variable team members provide full transparency and transfer knowledge. 


Do you want to spend less time on day-to-day support issues? With ETS you can allocate more time to strategic, business driven enhancements. You can also expand your team’s knowledge and gain access to broader and deeper industry best practices. We will help you to optimize HR business process by overcoming functionality restrictions imposed by past configuration decisions. If you have ETS you will always have the right resource at the right time to keep pace with business requirements.

Take advantage of Whitaker-Taylor Extended Team Services and leverage variable resources to provide stronger strategic value