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Project Services

Speed up project delivery and reduce costs

Managing time and resources is one of the biggest challenges facing SAP HCM support teams. It is difficult for managers to navigate between routine support and system implementation/enhancements project, both with fluctuating requirements. For both small and large companies, the tendency is to leverage “spot consulting” to fill resource and skill gaps on projects. This may be the most common approach, but is it the right approach? There is a better way. 




The Spot Consulting Treadmill 

All companies depending on SAP HCM have gotten on the “spot consulting” treadmill at some point in time.  Perhaps it was when:

• A consulting company was used for the first implementation project.
• New software functionality was added or business processes were changed.
• Consultants were needed to fill SAP HCM resource and skills gaps “temporarily”.



Where the Treadmill Breaks Down

Knowledge Leaks - consultants come and go and so does their knowledge. Documentation is often just a loose end.
Lag-time - aligning resources takes time - time away from delivering on project requirements.
Ramp Time – it takes new consultants time to learn your business and system before they become productive.
Post Project Hangover - when the project is finished, so are the consultants. Your team is left to figure things out for themselves; even worse your team has not acquired new skills.
Expectation Risk - consultants arrive with great references, but how often are expectations not met?
Unnecessary Costs - consulting rates are high, but the true cost is even higher considering downtime and travel

New Modl


Isn’t it time for a different approach?

At Whitaker-Taylor, we can support you with project specific services but we go further.  We incorporate our Extended Team Services plan with the initial implementation plan and you:

• Avoid knowledge leaks
• Minimize project lag times
• Eliminate ramp time for projects
• Get people trained
• Eliminate “high flying” costs


It's time to implement a variable Resource model 

Screen_Shot_2016-06-16_at_11.02.55_AM.pngWhitaker-Taylor offers a variable resource module.  An effective variable resource plan combines the advantages of both spot consulting and internal teams to form a best-in-class hybrid service delivery model that: 

1. Provides a dedicated team by combining full-time and part-time SAP HCM specialists
2. Allows part-time variable resources to function as full-time team members
3. Offers economic benefit from enabling companies to expand their resources without incurring fixed overhead or losing control.


Projects: When should you use a Variable Reource Model?

Internal teams are available but may lack select skills
• Challenges handling projects and support levels simultaneously
• Desire to strengthen internal team skills
• There is a sense of urgency
• Cost considerations are important
• Issues with smooth project-to-support handoffs and transition


Our project capabilities and the incorporation of our Extended Team Services variable resources model will help you deliver for your business.  Ask us how you get off the spot consulting treadmill.




Whitaker-Taylor Extended Team Services™